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Bus Ministry

Pastor Tim was brought to his first church service at the tender age of 9 years old by the way of a church bus.  At the time he didn’t think much about it, to him it was only a ride to go to a place called church. But as time went on and as he began to deepen his fellowship with Christ he remembered how crucial that old bus was that picked him up for church and showed him Christian love.  Now, as Pastor of our church, Pastor Tim has a clear burden and vision for reaching children using our bus ministry. 

Every weekend, our bus driver and his captain, climb into their bus and bring in children from all over the Parkersburg area.  Once they step into our building they are showered with love and Godly affection.  We feed each child breakfast before services so they can be attentive and not hungry.  We have watched children turn into young adults, we have been introduced to wonderful families and most importantly, we have been able to win some to the Lord Jesus Christ.  This is all due to our wonderful Bus Ministry.  If you or your child need a ride to services please give Pastor Tim a call personally at 304-863-8840.