Bus Ministry

Everyone is Welcome!

When Pastor Tim was 9 years old, his life changed forever when he took his first bus ride to church. That simple ride turned out to be a pivotal moment in his spiritual journey. Pastor Tim’s passion for helping children connect with God led him to create a Bus Ministry that helps so many others experience the same life-changing moments he did.

We are honored to bring children from the Parkersburg area to our church each week. Not only do we provide physical nourishment, but we also offer love and support for children to truly absorb the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ. Over the years, countless children from various backgrounds have grown up before our eyes, and blossomed into strong, successful adults. Most importantly, we have witnessed numerous souls become saved and embrace Christianity through this program.

If you or someone you know needs a ride to church, please call us at 304-481-1038. We would be more than happy to help you experience the joys and blessings of worshiping with our congregation.
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